Volume : 2, Issue : 4, APR 2016


Ajay Kaparwan


Vitamin D the sunshine Vitamin, Di scovered hundreds of years ago, is regarded as a protection provider of human health from many diseases. Vitamin D now a day's is recognized not only for its importance for good health, but also for the deficiency diseases caused in children and adults. In today's life changing scenario due to fast pace of life, most of the Vitamin D requirements in humans are met either from prescribed supplements and fortified foods. Regular exposures to sunlight which is one of the most cheapest and best methods to acquire Vitamin D becomes impossible due to faster pace of life and lesser availability of free time among people residing in urban areas. Vitamin D Deficiency in human body leads to sever health problems among peoples of all age groups including pregnant and lactating women's. In woman's, sufficient Vitamin D levels are very much essential for fighting placental infections during and after pregnancy. Maintenance of good neonatal health and upper respiratory infections in infants also depends upon maternal Vitamin D levels. Vitamin D plays a vital role in improvement or worsening of human immune virus infections in patients. Whereas, deficiency of Vitamin D is also responsible for introduction of type I, type II and gestational diabetes in humans. Epidemic studies conducted worldwide shows, deficiencies of Vitamin D cause's mental illnesses such as; multiple sclerosis, schizophrenia and impaired synaptic network both in adult's and infant's.


Vitamin D; Diabetes; Human Immune Virus; Upper Respiratory Infections; Stem Cell

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