Volume : 2, Issue : 7, JUL 2016


Arun Kumar


Experiment conducted to investigate the effect of different neem based formulations on germination of okra seeds under laboratory and field conditions revealed that these botanicals at 1.00 percent concentration did not affect the germination of seed while 2.50 and 2.00 percent concentration prevented the invasion of the pests. Among all these treatments Bioneem was the best for seed germination of okra fallowed by Neemglod, Neemarin, Nimbicidine, Neemazal, whereas Achook proved to be the lowest. The germination of both seeds, in general was higher under laboratory conditions when compared with field data. The effectiveness of various neem based pesticides in respect of seed germination could be arranged in following descending order: Bioneem>Neemglod>Neemarin>Nimbicidine>Neemazal>Achook.


Neem based pesticides, Okra seed, Okra pests, Germination.

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