Volume : 4, Issue : 6, JUN 2018




Bohemian whimsicality or whimsically bohemian character enjoys haphazard life. To such a cursed soul haphazard is normal and normal is haphazard. Thus haphazard is a matter of mere perception or orientation only. In mundane life haphazard has no value at all. It has no exchange capacity. It causes downfall. To a successful and serious person life implies for order, by order and of order. Disorder is alias and akin to delay thereby defeat that invites death. As such everybody is afraid of haphazard life. Perhaps unguarded childhood thereby unshaded life detached them from the main stream of the society rendering them diverted genius or misguided missile. Thus they become either dangerously brilliant or brilliantly dangerous or both simultaneously.


Haphazard, Random, Disorder, Irregular, Accident, Aimless, Casual, Bohemian.

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