Volume : 4, Issue : 6, JUN 2018




Generosity is a great virtue. It signifies positivism. It teaches live and let life. It is an optimistic attitude of a sacred soul that considers the whole world as his own family. So he thinks for all. He is ready to sacrifice for all silently with a smiling face. He does not believe in return or reciprocations. He hates give and take policy. He declines to accept any return either cash or kind. He considers return as a vice. It is one-sided deed. He considers it as his social responsibility. He is indebted to the society. And he wants to repay the debt accordingly. So, according to this charitable character, question of return does not arise here. He is so wise and so happy.


Generosity, Virtue, Give, Freely, Plentiful, Kindness, Divine, Positivism.

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