Volume : 4, Issue : 6, JUN 2018




Humanity is a philosophy. It is the mission and vision of a Good Samaritan. But formality has destroyed the essence of goodness of this concept. This noble sentiment has been vitiated by the so-called social tyrants. Now in this world humanity has become a fossil and as if very soon it will be an object of the museum. In the article the foolishness and absurdities of the activities done in the name of so-called formality have been ridiculed. Formality is quite useless in the present day of crisis where men have become self-centred. Humanity is antonym of formality. To construct society means to construct humanity. To give delicious and costly food to a guest means formality. But to offer food to a hungry person means humanity hence it has been welcomed in the appeal of the article. The paper is an interdisciplinary approach in the light of philosophy, psychology and sociology.


Formality, Religious-Type, Non-Religious-Type, Official-Type, Non-Official-Type, Guest-Type, Host-Type.

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