Volume : 3, Issue : 12, DEC 2017




An argument, when gets expression with politeness maintaining all formalities and decorum, is called debate. A good debate manifests the knowledge of the concerned person. Such an orator earns name and fame for his gift of the gab. In argument tact of omission is very important. Here eloquence is both good and bad. In some points the debater must argue but he will ignore less important points to finish his lecture within the scheduled time thus to gain both ways. In fact a good debater knows what to speak but a great debater knows what not to speak. The success of lawyers, politicians, businessmen, researchers, teachers and even students dependents on argument they place. Any writing be it answer script of an examinee or a novel or an essay or a report must be based on logic to win the desired goal. A little learning is very dangerous. With little knowledge nothing can be achieved in reality. Incomplete or half knowledge renders a person half genius who is dangerous more than a non-genius.


Argument, Debate, Disagreement, Logic, Art, Half-Genius, Non-Genius.

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