Volume : 7, Issue : 2, FEB 2021




Technology is the blessing of science, a gift of God. Technology has certainly changed the way we live. The importance of technology in educational institutions cannot be neglected. The use of technology has made the teaching-learning process more enjoyable. Modern technology can solve any problems of teachers and learners on the spur of the moment. Technology has made the life of students easier. Nowadays learners and teachers use various types of software and tools to make presentations and projects instead of using pen paper and chalkboard. Already 2 billion students spend four-fifths of their working hours outside school, in an iPad, YouTube, Google, Wikipedia, etc. The purpose of the study was to elaborate on the advantage and disadvantages of modern technology in education. The data of this qualitative study was collected from secondary sources like different research journals, books, website,s etc. The study found out that modern technology impacts education both positively and negatively.



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