Volume : 2, Issue : 7, JUL 2016


Prof. Deepali Kailasrao Mankar


Commerce Education covers diversified fields of education and research in different aspects of business environment. It includes Finance, Marketing, Accounting, Human Resource Management, Entrepreneurship Development, Commercial and Business Law etc. Commerce education can be easily concluded that it is helpful in one's life as well as vocation. The skill in type-writing is most important and this is part of commerce education. Commerce education is useful for all professionals. It is necessary that every professional lawyer, doctor, engineer-can be benefited from commerce education. Commerce education is a type of training which, while playing its part in the achievement of the general aims of education of any given level, has for its primary objective the preparation of people to enter upon a business career, or having entered upon such a career, to render more efficient service there in and to advance from their present levels of employment to higher levels. Commerce Education is the area of education which develops the required knowledge, attitudes and skills for successful heading of Trade, Commerce and Industry education serves socio-economic development of any country or a region. The level of speed at which commerce education is currently expanding in this area is in itself a testimony to its growing acceptance as a source of awareness, development of skill. This paper presents the Importance of Commerce Education in India by analyzing the various data and identifies key challenges by government and recommendations for revitalization of commerce education.


Business, Commerce education, India, changing commerce scenario.

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