Volume : 2, Issue : 7, JUL 2016


Dr. Prashant Devidas Khuje, Dr.(Mrs.) N. G. Borade


Healthy lifestyle modifications and alternative medicine reduces symptoms, complications, daily medications and drug induced adverse effects in patients of many chronic diseases. 25 known patients of chronic rhinitis were voluntarily participated in the present study that aimed to reduce the symptoms and drug ingestion by 30 minutes of hand acupressure daily. Frequency of symptoms and daily medications for relief of symptoms before the commencement of study and after 3 weeks of regular practice of self-acupressure over the specific acu-points on hand were analysed by “Z test of proportion”. It was observed that symptoms were decreased significantly with highly significant decreased in drug ingestion. It was concluded that hand acupressure can reduce the frequency of symptoms and medications in patients of chronic rhinitis.


Hand acupressure symptoms chronic rhinitis.

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