Volume : 2, Issue : 7, JUL 2016




Water is the primary life giving resource and is fundamental to human way of life. Its availability is an essential component in socio-economic development. Today a number of significant factors have an impact both on this resource and on managing water in integrated, sustainable and equitable manners. Pyrethroids act very quickly to produce symptoms of lost coordination and paralysis which are known as "the knockdown effect", and which are often accompanied by spasms and tremors that induce intense repetitive activation in sense organs and in myelinated nerve fibers. Deltamethrin is not mobile in the environment because of its strong adsorption on particles, its insolubility in water, and very low rates of application; However, it still presents risks to the ecosystem in which it is applied. Experiment was carried out on zebrafish embryos exposing to different concentrations of deltamethrin. The present study reveals that the viability decreases with increasing concentrations.


Pyrethroid, viability,zebrafish.

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