Volume : 2, Issue : 7, JUL 2016


Dr. Araskumar. M.R


This study is designed to address the current status of Corporate Social Responsibility and its usage. A very few corporate houses are dedicated and practicing the CSR as they are dictated by the very basis of their existence. It is observed that many companies are promoting their CSR activities and uses it as tool for Marketing. CSR amongst the general public to make CSR initiatives more effective. This awareness generation can be taken up by various stakeholders including the media to highlight the good work done by corporate houses in this area. This will bring about effective changes in the approach and attitude of the public towards CSR initiatives undertaken by corporate houses. This effort will also motivate other corporate houses to join the league and play an effective role in addressing issues such as access to education,health care and livelihood opportunities for large number of people in India through their innovative CSR practices. Thus, the social justice agenda of the day would be fulfilled more meaningfully. This paper has elaborated the conceptual framework towards CSR and its issues and challenges, the study also highlighted some of the Notable efforts made by the corporate with varied reasons.


Corporate Social Responsibility, Companies, Corporate houses, Stakeholders, Opportunities, Education, Efforts, Public, Social Justice.

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