Volume : 2, Issue : 4, APR 2016


Mrs. M. Revathi, Prof. G.Victorai Naomi


Classroom management strategies are essential, especially for a Visually Impaired teacher. An outstanding features of the classroom is extensive use of students to administer their own affairs. According to Gertrude Berger (1970), Effective discipline and good classroom management is a mandate for all teachers. The blind college teacher is capable of performing as effectively in the classroom as the sighted teacher(Alonso 1987, McCauley 1961, Shalinsky 1983). Considering the rationale on need of Classroom Management Competency of any teacher this study aimed to reveal the Classroom Management Competency of Visually Impaired Teachers. Descriptive Survey design was adopted in this study and the sample consist of 30 Visually Impaired teachers from school and 30 Visually Impaired teachers from college/ universities. A rating scale was administered to the sample to measure the Classroom Management Competency of Visually Impaired Teachers. The result revealed that the Visually Impaired teachers Competency in Classroom Management and Responsibility for Discipline is at Moderate level.


Visually Impaired teachers, Classroom Management Competency, Teaching

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