Volume : 3, Issue : 7, JUL 2017


H.Sudhar, Dr.D.Devaki


Yoga is essential for women at every stage of life. Their capability to handle challenges and highly depends on the health. Yoga makes one more aware of the strengths and weaknesses while exploring the new horizons in fast paced life. The purpose of the study was the analysis of Yogic practices and plyometric training on Agility. It was conducted on 45 men players from club Polytechnic college level , Avadi, Chennai which involved talents from all over the game, after the physical fitness tests, The randomly assigned in to three groups namely Experimental group-I Control Group (CG). Experimental group-II yogic training, group-II plyometric training group, Each group consists of 15 subjects, they were examined by used of Shuttle run to evaluate the Agility. The ages ranges between 16-22. The Analysis of Covariance (ANACOVA) and post hoc test was used to assess the collected data. From the analysis of data it was proved that there was a significant reduction in the timing of agility, The obtained data on Agility in women players have significant differences between the Experimental group and control group players.


Regular Yogic practices, Plyometric training activity Agility.

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