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Slavery is a primitive concept. History is the witness of it since time immemorial. History deals with ‘his story’ not ‘her story’. It is the story of kings and even of clowns seldom of queens or heroines. As such, it highlights the name and fame of kings seldom of queens. The queens and heroines are so unfortunate. They are so cursed. Their existence thereby contemporary presence is simply ignored. Thus history is blind, biased and partial as well. Woman due to natural partiality is weaker than man. Further, a woman becomes pregnant but never a man who merely enjoys just to get physiological relief. But labor pain is experienced by a woman only .Thus nature is not impartial. There are two types of people- one likes to torture and the other likes to be tortured. A woman belongs to the second category. A woman bears silently the torture of man for the sake of the family. A man takes the advantage of this noble sentiment of woman. A slave has no right except imposed duty and obligation. Widow, in a patriarchal society, is considered merely as a slave only. A married woman has husband. Similarly, a slave has its master. Husband cares while the master squeezes. With the loss of husband a woman also loses security. A rich and educated widow can somehow tackle the situation. But, if the widow be old, inactive and poor then she dies unfed, unwept, unsung and unknown as well. Again, if the poor widow be young and illiterate then she is compelled to satisfy the sexual urge of the society as a whole. She becomes everybody’s wife but nobody’s wife. For nobody takes her liability. She has no dignity at all. Thus wife means- ‘wonderful enjoyment for enjoyment’. The users i.e., so-called gentlemen are escapist. To them wife stands for- ‘worries invited for ever’. This is the real picture of widow in an undeveloped country. A widow experiences ‘use and throw’ material just like a slave faces hiring and firing. They are squeezed till death. But a nation can never prosper if her women are neglected. In an undeveloped country, especially in the third world, where human rights have no existence at all in practice, the widow faces different unprecedented problems, injustice and countless tortures as were faced by the slaves of the dark continent of Africa. The condition of a poor widow is beggar’s description. They are legal slave like marriage being legal prostitution according to George Bernard Shaw. A widow having no issue is simply murdered by the widow-hunter to get her property unclaimed. To illuminate the dark assertions of widow-life, widows, as per various life-styles they are compelled to lead, can broadly be classified into ten different categories viz., (1). True widow, (2). Illegal widow, (3). Married widow, (4). Imaginary widow, (5). Half widow, (6). Unofficial widow, (7). Unrecognized widow, (8). Happy widow, (9).Mutual widow, (10). Would-be widow. Lastly, a widow of the third world country is dependent both economically and mentally. She cannot ignore the whips of the patriarchal society. So-called social and religious gurus, just to serve and satisfy their own interests, have openly chained the women mainly the widows by the bindings of society in the name of religion thus converting them simply into slaves i.e., the second-class citizen only.



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