Volume : 4, Issue : 2, FEB 2018




No great transformation, individuals or collective is possible without a transformation in education. The aims and values of a system of education tend to be closely related to the aims and values of the epoch or the civilisation or culture in which it is rooted. With the advent of modern age, modern education has become increasingly utilitarian, with an emphasis on externalised information, skill, career, job, success and efficiency. Though all these aims are not something to be ignored or despised, when they are pursued exclusively, they prevent the flowering of the deeper, higher and the more essential elements in man, which hold the key to his higher evolution and fulfillment. Here comes the importance of the emerging new paradigm in education which can restore the balance by bringing the higher and inner values of education which the modern age has ignored in its wild pursuit of power, wealth and enjoyment. In this article we present the conclusions of our research on this new paradigm emerging in education.


Pioneers; Integral path; Know Thyself; University of Nature; Anthrosophic Education; Common ground.

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