Volume : 2, Issue : 4, APR 2016


Ms. Subiya Yaseen, Mr. Hussain Ahmed, Ms. Naazneen M, Mr. Tanveer Baig Z, Ms.Zahira Tabassum, Ms. Saniya Khanum, Ms. Shariqha Baig, Ms. Tanzeela Kousar


The robotic vehicles are special type of machines design to move on the ground, in the air, underwater and in space autonomously without a human on board. They are controlled by various sensors. The robotic vehicles are specially designed to use in conditions where human being are unable to enter such as fire accidents, very high or very temperature. An System on Chip is developed for the same using VLSI Design and a Verilog code [3] is written for the same .The code is simulated on XILINX tool and Altera Quartus II .Also the synthesized output is observed for the desired System on Chip.


SoC, sensors, Xilinx.

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