Volume : 5, Issue : 3, MAR 2019




Trust is the belief or willingness to believe that one can rely on the goodness, strength, ability, etc of somebody or something.
A good marriage is based on trust. Marriage is a long journey and trust is its only fuel having no substitute. Similarly, a doctor
acquires trust through his skill. Also trust is an arrangement by which a group of people or an organization holds and controls
money or property given to somebody and uses it for that person’s benefit or for the public good. True love is based on trust.
Reliability and dependency are all akin to trust. Thus faithfulness, simplicity, sincerity and honesty are the essential
ingredients of trust. Trust disappears when these human qualities are lacking. If trust is lost everything is lost. Good will is
called trust; and good will is the corner stone of any company. In case of breach of trust the first job is to identify the reason
before blaming or fixing responsibility upon a person. If the ground is genuine then it is o.k. Here the question of forgiveness
arises. This is possible in private but not in public business. However, wise men believe in and plead for the correctibility of
human nature. Trust recovery is a Herculean task. A liar has to face a tough test to regain his status. In some societies nobody
believes a liar and in some others a distrustful person gets the chance to come back in the mainstream of society.



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