Volume : 5, Issue : 9, SEP 2019




Beauty is a combination of qualities that are present in a thing or person giving intense aesthetic pleasure or deep satisfaction to the senses, especially to the eye or ear or to the mind. It is a combination of qualities that pleases the intellect or moral sense. It is an attractive feature. It is an advantage. But a pleasing appearance is not a guide to character or inner qualities. Single attribute does not and cannot attract. It is an outcome of summation. It is abstract in nature. It manifests through synergy. An emotional heart drinks beauty. But to a sincere person the call of duty is greater than the call of beauty. The beauty of moonlit night enchants a romantic heart. The wild beauty of the woodlands can only be witnessed by a lover of nature. The inexhaustible beauty of the starry universe is unveiled to a sensible soul. Such beauty awakens the feeling of existence of the Almighty god. It converts an atheist into theist even. Thus beauty is omnipresent both in earth and heaven. Only a fortunate soul can recognize and enjoy it. A sacred heart enjoys eternal and absolute beauty. Common people enjoy mundane beauty. Seldom have they experienced the beatitude of immortal light of nirvana. Nirvana, according to Buddhism and Hinduism, is the beatitude attained by extinction of individuality and desires, with release from effects of karma. A blessed soul gets it. His path from earth to heaven is illuminated by that divine immortal light. And following that immortal light he reaches the heavenly abode where Lord Christ waits to give shelter to the divine souls in His lap allowing them to enjoy eternal peace of its highest kind. This divine peace is unspeakable and inexpressible as well. Here lies the beauty of the true beauty.



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