Volume : 5, Issue : 9, SEP 2019




The obtainable physical condition communications in the metropolitan region are not enough to get together the essential requirements of mounting urban inhabitants. The metropolis, regional administration, and the government of India have endeavored to construct awakes urban health care infrastructure. Majority of hospitals, doctors and para-professionals are in urban areas but dissimilar to the rural health services there has been no hard work to make available the wellbeing services to the areas that are organically explained. Consequently, in lots of city areas, the major health care amenities are not available; a number of them are underutilized as there is congestion in derivative and tertiary care. The Chennai municipality has to endow with mutually precautionary and medicinal services to the urban inhabitants, though the obtainable facilities with metropolis are not adequate to provide to the emergent encumber of metropolitan inhabitants. The main objective of the study is on economic and cultural barriers impede the provision of better health care in slums. The Rajiv Gandhi Nagar slum area has been selected due to most households in Chennai district and took it 100 samples selected for the study.


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