Volume : 2, Issue : 4, APR 2016


Vikrant A. Agaskar, Abhishek D. Singh, Onkar D. Kandalgaonkar, Shilpa S. Wade


Today in 21st century the things are changing from old traditional methods to new modern technology. Most of the things are being computerized. But the process of meter reading and generation of bills has not been changed yet. Meter reading and billing are complex tasks of electricity, water and gas supplier companies. The current technology of billing process uses manual process of meter reading, updating the server with reading and billing customer. We have planned to implement a technology that includes android application and web application to get reading, updating server and inform consumers about bill units and amount. Android application we develop will be used to get the readings from the meter automatically by simply capturing the image of the meter. The customer will receive a mail regarding the bill as soon as the bill is generated. With the help of web application customer can view his bill. For building our project, we have used Android studio which supports Android Software Development Kit. To get readings from the image, OCR(optical Character Recognition) is used. We are using Tesseract OCR engine for it.


Optical Character Recognition , OCR , Tesseract , electricity bill.

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