Volume : 3, Issue : 8, AUG 2017




Objective: To compare outcome of different treatment methods according to fracture type in a retrospective study of results of treatment of radial neck fractures in children.

Material and methods: In this retrospective analysis we present results of 17 children treated for radial neck fracture. There were 11 boys and 6 girls in the average age of 9.8 years (6.3 – 15). Follow up period amounted 6 – 48 months. Presence of growth plate and radio logically confirmed radial neck fracture type II – IV were including criteria for the study. Treatment results assessment was based on Mayo Elbow Score and radiological criteria of bone union.

Results: In the analyzed material good and very good results were achieved in group II and III , fair results were achieved in group IV. There were no failures of treatment.

Conclusion: Review of clinical and radiological results of these uncommon fractures indicate that very good and good results can be achieved in conservative and closed surgical methods. In open surgery results are inferior.


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