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Tablet among the all dosage form is the common one and in the Pharmacy it is the mother of Pharmacy. Generally tablet are
accepted in all category of patient. In children Dispersible form and in female for virginal infection virginal form are the
preferred. The most common preferred route is oral rout of administration. In ancient Ayurveda, Unani, Greek, Egyptian
remedies drug in the form of Churna, Bhasma, Gutika, Araka, are administered though oral rout. Pills which are coated by
natural resinous material are administered in the form of tablet through oral rout.
Today oro-dispersible tablet from novel drug delivery system gain importance from patient. Which is administer to the patient
to control the various immediate action viz. attack of angina or hypertension in cardiac problems. Orodispersible tablet gets
dispersed in oral cavity in absence of water and release fast drug which result fast pharmacological action. In the market drug
from Analgesic, Antipyretic, Antihypertensive and many more are available in the form of the orodispersible tablet. Various
manufacture are formulated this formulation by various method. The most importance thing in this formulation are masking
of taste of drugs. Generally oro-dispersible tablet are prepared by direct compression method. Dry granulation, wet
granulation, Spry drying is the various methods for preparation of oro-dispersible tablet. Oro-dispersible tablet generally
contains filler, glidant, anti-adherent super disintegrate, Flavoring agent sweetener and resins. Evaluation parameter includes
hardness, friability, wetting time, moisture uptake, disintegration test, and dissolution test. Wetting time, Disintegration time,
and Dissolution test is directly proportional to the hydrophobic ingredient added for lubrication, anti-adherent, Glidant action.
These hydrophobic ingredient are Magnesium Stearate. To oppose the action of magnesium stearate, hydrophilic additives are
incorporated viz Sodium lauryl sulphate.
From Marketing point of view special Marketing Executive team required to promote the new technique , new formulation
with demonstration to the Cardiac Surgeon, Pediatrics, Orthopedics, Gynecologists, Ophthalmologists, Urologist. After
demonstration that how to use the Orodispersible tablet these marketing team personally serve to the new admitted patients.



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