Volume : 2, Issue : 4, APR 2016


Ali Al-Shamrani


The main objective of this research was to investigate the differences in future anxiety among male and female secondary school students from two schooling systems in Jeddah province. The first schooling system was the typical one whereas the same course was divided and taught in two semesters (The Annual one). The second schooling system (the newly developed one), is similar to university system where students study different courses in each semester (The Courses’ System). The study subjects consisted of (100) male twelfth grade students and (100) female twelfth grade students. The researcher implemented The Future Anxiety Test prepared by Shogair ( 2005) which was standardized on Saudi population.The study results did not reveal any statistically significant differences in future anxiety among the study group subjects could be related to the schooling system. However there were statistically significant differences in future anxiety between male twelfth graders and female twelfth graders in the first schooling system(the annual one). There were some recommendations provided in the study related to the study findings.


Future Anxiety, System ’ Courses, Annual System.

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