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Stroke is defined as a rapidly developing clinical sign of focal disturbance of cerebral functions, lasting more than 24hrs (or) leading to death with no appropriate cause, other than that of vascular origin. Subluxation is associated with multiple factors including frozen shoulder flaccid upper lime spasticity rotator cuff lesion shoulder hand syndrome. The most important factor is the position of the scapula on the thorax. The scapula is normally held on the thorax at the angle of 30 degrees from the frontal plane. When the slope of the glenoid fossa becomes less oblique and no longer faces upwards the humerus slides down the slope the fossa and leads to inferior subluxation.


Aim of the study was Comparison of kinesiology taping versus arm sling on shoulder function and extent of shoulder subluxation in subjects with sub-acute stroke.


30 subjects with Subluxation were randomly assigned into two groups. All the participants were assessed for the pre values with FBand FMUE. Subjects in experimental group1 (n=15) received 15 sessions of KINESIOTAPING & PHYSICAL THERAPY whereas, Experimental group2 (n=15) received 15 sessions of ARM SLING AND PHYSICAL THERAPY per total 3 weeks. All participants were assessed for post values with FB and FMUE after 3 weeks of training sessions


After the analysis, the results revealed significant improvement in KINESIOTAPING than in the ARMSLING group(p = 0.01)


The results of this study showed that there is statistically significant improvement in both groups but KINESIOLOGY TAPPING group shows more improvement than the ARM SLING groups for Subluxation and functional status. But, there is a high significance results in experimental group1 compared to the experimental group 2.


The basic hypothesis of this study was that kinesiotaping technique to the Shoulder of the affected upper limb in conjunction with physical therapy exercise program would enhance the subluxation, which further decreases the Subluxation of affected upper limb in sub-acute stroke patients. Findings suggest that kinesiotaping technique is safe, inexpensive and effective enough in increasing function and decreases the Subluxation in subjects with sub-acute stroke.



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