Volume : 2, Issue : 4, APR 2016


Dr. D. H. Gopalan, Mrs. M. Vani, Dr. Beulah Edwin, Dr. Balaji Arumugam


To assess the knowledge of future career plan among CRRI students and to explore the need for career advice during undergraduate medical training. A cross-sectional study was performed at Tagore Medical College And Hospital comprising of 101 CRRI students. They were asked to answer 19 item questionnaire after getting informed consent. Results were documented and statistical analysis was done using SPSS 16 software.Response rate is 100%.Among 101 students 69 ( 68.3%) were females and 32 (31.7%) were males. When asked about their future career plan ,82 students (81.2%) had planned to prepare for the postgraduate medical examination while 2 (1.7%)of them wanted to go abroad and 3( 2.8%)of them to start general practice; 10(9.5%) students didn't have any idea about their future career plan while 4(3.5%)students preferred government service. In general 48 (47.5%)students got information about career advice from friends/seniors ;18 (17.5%)students from family members; 33(32.7%) students from teachers. Majority of them advised to prepare for postgraduate entrance exam. None of them receive any professional career advice and the role of teachers found to be very minimal. So, a critical review by the medical council of India is required to include career advice as a part of undergraduate curriculum and also to train medical teachers professionally in giving career advice.


Career advice, Indian Medical Graduate, undergraduate curriculum.

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