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The cardiovascular system is go through changes during pregnancy,changes may put mothers and fetus life in danger.Heart surgery rarely occur during pregnancy but in special and necessary conditions.This surgery cause problems for mother , fetus and medical team and it is necessary to make special measures for mother and fetus to get better results. This study examine all cases during a 3 year, with giving special consideration into surgeries have be done on pregnant women.


This is a case series study on pregnant women who admitted in heart center of pregnant women in Shahid Madani hospital in 2013up to now ( clinic and hospital section )and all heart valve surgery was done during pregnancy .Descriptive statistics are used to describe the basic features of the data in a study. And data were analyzed using IBM SPSS 21.0 statistical software. Amount of P less than 0/05 will be considered significant.


150 pregnant women with mean age 9/61±58/30 ( minimum 19 and maximum 48 years old) and mean gestational age 75/12±23/23 (minimum 5 and maximum 39 weeks) were enrolled in this study.Eisner Manger , Thrombosis , syncope , cardiomyopathy , aortic aneurysm , congenital anomalies are the main reason of hospitalization of pregnant women during study .Among the subjects, 10 pregnancy cases were observed after cardiac valve surgery.


Pregnant womenwith heart disease do remain at risk for other complications includingheart failure, arrhythmia, and stroke. Optimum careof these potentially complicated pregnancies can only be achievedby a combined approach by cardiologists and obstetricians in specialistcenters with an understanding of the obstetric and cardiac complicationsthat canarise.


Cardiovascular Disease, Pregnancy, Cardiac Surgery

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