Volume : 4, Issue : 5, MAY 2018




This study examined the relationship between School Anxiety of Different Categories of the Students in Secondary Schools in Tiruvallur District. This study adopted normative survey method of research participants were 300 School Students randomly selected from various schools in Tiruvallur District. The Research Instruments used for data collection was The School Anxiety inventory constructed and standardized by Dr.Thukral Praveen, tested at 0.05 and 0.01 level of significance. It is found that there There exists a positive relationship between the Boys and Girls secondary school students School Anxiety. It is inferred that the low level of secondary school students School Anxiety is 17.33%, High level is 24% and Moderate level is found to be 58.66%. Hence the secondary school students School Anxiety are Moderate in nature.


School Anxiety, Gender, Sampling, Survey, Random Sampling Technique.

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