Volume : 3, Issue : 7, JUL 2017




This study examined the relationship between job involvement and mental health of school teachers Thiruvallur District. This study adopted survey method of research. participants were 150 school teachers at higher secondary level was randomly selected from different schools in Thiruvallur District .The research instruments used for data collection was job involvement scale developed by Blau&Boal (1987), Balay (2000) and mental health scale developed by Pramod kumar .D tested at 0.05 an 0.01 level of significance. .the findings indicated that there exists a positive relationship between Teachers Job Involvement and Teachers Mental Health. There exists significant impact with respect to location, types of management. And there is no significant impact on Gender, designation of teachers , teaching experience, marital status on the job involvement and mental health of school teachers at higher secondary level.


Teachers, Job involvement, Mental Health, Random, Survey Method.

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