Volume : 2, Issue : 7, JUL 2016


Priti K Rao, Dr. Vanitha R Bhargav


Sustainability has entered into every aspect of business and commerce. Every sector of the economy is heading towards it be it agriculture, transportation, services, energy, packaging etc. Packaging of the product is one element that is criticized and analysed more often by the green followers and adapters. This forms a huge pointin analyzing and checking the company's overall green policy. Packaging is not just about recycling. It is much more than just the material but it includes the entire life cycle of a product and its packaging from sourcing to consumption and its disposal. Green packaging market is growing at an annual rate of four percent. This trend is accelerating at a great speed and the contribution of regulatory bodies cannot be ignored over here. The manufacturers, brand owners, packagers, retailers and all stake holders are also leading in this change. Since environmental consciousness has gone main stream this has directly affected the packaging concept in business. This paper titled “A Study on Green packaging- A case study approach with reference to Dell Inc” will explore the key issues in packaging and strategies adopted by Dell. Dell's growth and innovation has reflected the requirements and sustainability. The firm believes that their brands and operations must touch and positively impact every individual and all stakeholders. Dell has developed a plan for its packaging, a plan for achieving their vision to double the size of their business, whilst reducing the environmental footprint and increasing their positive social impact. The research uses secondary data for the collection of data. A model has been built and conclusions, based on the outcome, hereby obtained were drawn. The primary purpose of this paper is to stimulate further discussion amongst marketers and to be used in dialogue with stakeholders.


green packaging, key issues, model, Dell.

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