Volume : 4, Issue : 5, MAY 2018




This study examined the relationship between environmental awareness among college students at under graduate level in vellore district. This study adopted survey method of research. Participants were 296 college students randomly selected from different colleges in Vellore District .The research instruments used for data collection was environmental awareness scale developed and standardized by S.Vincent De Paul and T.K.Swatantra Devi (2000). Tested at 0.05 and 0.01 level of significance. The study reveals that the environmental awareness of male students is slightly better than the female mean score. The result indicate that the environmental awareness of English medium students is more than the Tamil medium students mean score. The study reveals that the mean score of science group students is more than the arts group students. The study reveals that the environmental awareness of urban students is more than the students from rural areas mean score. The study reveals that the mean score of the students of Private College are more than the Government college students. The study reveals that the environmental awareness of the students whose parents are Graduates is more than the Non-graduates mean score.


Environmental awareness, Undergraduate students, Survey, Random Technique.

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