Volume : 2, Issue : 4, APR 2016


Ms. Subiya Yaseen, Ms. Syeda Husna Mohammadi, Dr. Pritam Shah, Ms. Kehkeshan Jalall S, Mr. Shaik Imam, Ms. Shuba Shree S.M, Ms. Sneha Alisa Mm, Ms. Sneha Kumari, Ms. Syeda Ruquiah T


The first attempts to provide a mechanical solution to floor cleaning were begun in England in1599.Before vacuum cleaners, rugs were hung over a wall or line and hit repeatedly with a carpet beater to pound out as much dirt as possible. The Project deals with development of an automated vacuum cleaner that monitors various parameters such as dust availability, space limit ,presence of light and obstacle[4] detection. The Space can be measured using a survobot . An System on Chip is developed for the same using VLSI Design and a Verilog code[7] is written for the same .The code is simulated on XILINX tool and Altera Quartus II .Also the synthesized output is observed for the desired System On Chip.


SoC , Survobot , Xilinx.

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